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Sale on Shambles Shirts!

How’s that for alliteration? Folks, Ellis Dyson & the Shambles are getting into the Christmas spirit, and have decided to offer our awesome t shirts for $10 throughout this holiday season! Order anytime between now and January 1st to get the $5 off. That’s a savings of 33%! Grab a shirt for your favorite Shambles fan or make a new fan from a family member by gifting one this year. In fact, Santa is busy delivering a few already. If you happen to see this dude around, let it be a reminder to you to order your discounted shirt!

Shambles Santa

We’ll also be releasing our much-anticipated live album in the coming week, so get excited! What says Christmas better than an Ellis Dyson & the Shambles live recording playing in the background of your family gathering!? Michael Bubl
é, you say? Psssshhhh. We ooze Christmas.

We are looking forward to many great things from 2015 and are happy to have you all along for the ride. Thank you for your support, it’s how we’re able to do what we do! Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Ellis Dyson & the Shambles!


Updates and Holidays

I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted on here, but fret not! We’ve been practicing as hard as ever, perfecting what may be our coolest song to date, learning a couple covers (yeah, we figure we have to play some non-originals at some point...), and figuring out future plans for an album. We’ve got some really exciting things going on in the coming months, including a headliner at Cat’s Cradle’s Back Room in January!! We’ll also be back in Raleigh for a Local Band Local Beer set at Tir Na Nog, as well as trying to get into a studio and beginning to record the debut Ellis Dyson and the Shambles album. More on that to come.

A quick aside, thank you so very much to Mr. and Mrs. Finck, our relocated but beloved fiddle player Ledah’s parents, for donating a complete sound system to the band. This is no small gift, and now we will be able to provide a quality mix at all of our shows (once we figure out how to work it). We really appreciate the generosity and support that you continue to provide!

Lastly, go check out the rest of the site real quick before you go! You’ll notice that we’ve got some new photos up, as well as a new live show from Local 506 back in October on the Music page. Our Caroline music video is also now up in the videos section. So go check out the new stuff! We’ve also got a killer Shambles live album on the way, and people, it’s going to be legit.

Have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. We’ll be on the inactive side for the month of December, as the band goes back to their respective homes across the East coast. We’ll be back with a bang in January. Till then, shamble on, friends.

Halloween Approaches...

Well everybody, the day has almost arrived. One of the most anticipated holidays for all of us in the Chapel Hill area is upon us and we are itching to celebrate. As it happens, we’ve got just the way to keep your fearsome festivities going full force! (How’s that for alliteration, eh?) Once your Halloween partying is wrapping up on Saturday morning, go ahead and kick it right back into gear and get ready for what is sure to be one of our most raucous, fun, and exciting shows to date, Ellis Dyson & the Shambles’ Halloween Bash! We are all extremely pumped about our friends Dr. Bacon coming down the mountain from Boone to play a hometown show with us, and folks, it’s going to be a riot. Costumes are (not really, but kinda) required so don’t hold back! In case you need further convincing, there’s gonna be a twitter costume contest!!

Firstly, follow us on twitter if you have been living under a rock. www.twitter.com/shambles_music. Secondly, on Saturday night, just tweet a pic of you at the show in your amazing costumes and we’ll pick a winner later in the weekend. The winner will get a Shambles T-shirt, a sticker signed by the band, and a night with the shamble of their choice! Whichever follower we choose as the winner will be contacted sometime on Sunday!

Happy Halloween, shamblers. See you on Saturday...

P.S. - We were in the Daily Tar Heel today, UNC’s campus paper!
Take a look.

A Hell of a Month!

Lordy folks, has October been a wild ride already or what? First of all, let me speak for the whole band here when I say that Shakori Hills was absolutely amazing. I mean, unbelievable* Many of us have been Shakori regulars for years, and playing a killer set at Carson’s Grove for a wild and raucous audience was a ridiculous experience. Thank you so much to all who came out and everyone who has helped us to get to where we’re at; thanks for giving us that opportunity.


Looking forward to the back half of the month, we’ve just booked the Shady Grove Music Festival over in Carthage, NC on October 25th. If you’re around that area come and see us! We’re excited to be playing in a region we haven’t been out to yet and hearing some great music as well. Then at the tail end of October, we’ve got shows sandwiching Halloween. We all know you’re free one of those nights, so come on out and see us. The Nov. 1 show at CHUG is going to be a Halloween bash, including our good friends from Dr. Bacon and everyone in costume. You may even see Ellis in a tutu... So come on out for a great time and good tunes. Check out’ the Shows page for all of our upcoming gigs. ‘Till then, keep it real, shamblers.



From Raleigh to Boonetown

Wow, what a festival on Saturday at sparkCon in downtown Raleigh. None of us had ever been before, but we’ll certainly be back. Not knowing what to expect, we showed up and walked around to find absolutely stunning artwork made on the street using some sort of chalk-pastel mix, incredible products (often made by hand) from local companies, and great food from the many food trucks that were there. The talent that was present was really cool to see for all of us. Oh, and we had a fantastic time playing, too. We got to meet some new people and just had a good ol’ time on the North Stage. Check out some of this amazing artwork. (We also managed to somehow get a picture take of the entire band all together, a feat which had not previously been done until Saturday).

This weekend we’re headed back to one of our favorite locales up in the mountains, which as you can gather from the title of this post is Boone, North Carolina. We’ll be playing a show on Friday in town at the Char Bar and then another on Saturday in West Jefferson, just a few miles over. If you’re in that area be sure to stop by for a good time!

sparkCon Art


Ellis Dyson & the Shambles @ sparkCon


Shakori Hills

For our fans who are in touch with our social media, you may have noticed the past few days that we’ve been posting about being awarded a spot at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival! This is big time news for us people, and we are all revved up for the opportunity to play at such a fantastic and well-respected festival. We’re going to be surrounded by amazing talent and people all weekend, and we hope to see tons of y’all there!! Although it’s not until October, tickets are going to go quick so check out the festival and get your ticket information soon. We’ll be playing on Saturday, October 11 at midnight at the Carsons’ Grove stage! (By that I mean the midnight of Saturday, going into Sunday, of course. Gotta be clear in my times here).

We’ve got lots of upcoming shows as well; September is packed and October and November are fixin’ to be the same way. So check out our upcoming dates and make it out to a few for a rowdy night of musical shenanigans.


Hot Off the Press: Tee's Are Here!

Well guys and gals, we’ve got somethin’ special for you all, the first of a few big announcements! You may have noticed the new merch tab up top on the site here. We’ve got shirts and boy do they look nice. Thanks to Kevin DeHaven, once again we’ve been provided with a kickass design that we’ve slapped on a comfy tee and are bringing to you! We’ll be selling these babies at all of our live shows as well as online so all you non-locals don’t have to go without your Shambles shirts! Go check it out on the new merch tab up above and get your orders in! While you’re at it, grab your free download of Whiskey Business if you haven’t already. Don’t worry, more big news ahead! Maybe related to some big gigs coming up later in the fall...

Hang in there fans, and go check out those new tees!

We're Back, Baby!

The Shambles are back in business after a nice summer hiatus, and golly do we have a lot to share with you guys. Not only are we hitting the ground running upon returning to Chapel Hill next week but we have already got big time announcements to make in the next few days, so keep an eye out. How do things like music festivals, new music, and even some merch sound? Hopefully something similar to the sweet and sensual melodic lines from Danny’s saxophone, or maybe the raucous excitement brought from Matt’s horn? Either way, we’re all very excited about the coming months for the band so stay tuned to the Shambles!

On another note, Nate and Matt attended the CMA Awards Show on Saturday evening. It was a nice event with plenty of interesting characters present and lots of great music and talent. There were some live performances from a number of local artists as well. Congratulations go out to The Mid-Atlantic, the group who won in the bluegrass/americana category. They’re a group base out of Wilmington and have got
some great tunes if you were interested in checking them out. Despite not winning, it was an enjoyable evening and thank you to all of you who voted for us! It was a great experience for us as a group.

Bluegrass/Americana Nominees

Nate & Matt


Have YOU Voted?

Just your little reminder to go and vote in the Carolina Music Awards! We’ve been very fortunate in receiving a nomination for American/Bluegrass and would love to have your support by giving us a vote. If you’re in a hurry you don’t even need to bother with the other categories of nominees! We wouldn’t be here without ya, and we plan on continuing to bring you guys great music in the future.

PS: Tickets for the awards show at the Duke Energy Performing Arts Center are now on sale, so if you’re interested in coming to see some of the nominees perform as well as the results, be sure to snag a ticket. We hope to see you there and thanks for all the support!

Voting ends July 18th!

Carolina Music Awards


Carolina Music Awards Nomination!?

Well folks, your favorite local band has been nominated for a Carolina Music Award under the American/Bluegrass genre. This is a big surprise and an even bigger honor for us as a band considering that we’ve not been together even a year yet. Regardless of how it turns out, this nomination is a big opportunity for us to expand our audience, which of course we’re always looking to do. There is even a red carpet awards show at the Duke Performing Arts Center in downtown Raleigh on August 2nd in which some of the nominees will perform. We’re extremely psyched to have been given a nomination for the award and are looking forward to the show and results.

If you like our tunes and want to support the band, please take a second and vote for us
here on the CMA website. If you don’t have a clue who we are and you stumbled upon this site by some sheer happenstance, take a sec and vote for us anyway, you’re not doing anything right? (You don’t even have to vote for any other genre if you don’t want to do that.) HOWEVER, we are endorsing our friend and producer of the Jailhouse Religion music video Carter Fourqurean! He’s a great guy and extremely talented at what he does so when you check beside our name do yourself a favor and check his as well under the “Producer” category. You can check out his squeaky clean website if you’d like to find out about him yourself.

We appreciate your support and be sure to get friends and family to vote too!


Friday Night Music

I don’t know what y’all are up to tonight, but I just returned from seeing folk duo Mandolin Orange in Durham tonight. I couldn’t believe my eyes a month ago when I saw that the group was playing a free show at the rustic Tobacco Road Amphitheater in downtown. Mandolin Orange is not only a group that I personally enjoy but one that all of us Shambles enjoy for their original sound, a fantastic blend of folk, bluegrass, and even some gospel. A nice environment in the Tobacco campus of Downtown Durham and the perfect harmonies from Andrew Marlin and Emily Franz made for a great Friday night for me.

If you haven’t heard any of their music, be sure to check ‘em out
here. Happy listening!

Stay shamblin’

Tobacco District DurhamMandolin Orange


The Shambles Take Boone

This weekend the band hit the road and got up to Boone for the first time. We’ve been trying to make it up into the mountains for a while and boy was it a great time. Ellis, Matt, Ledah, and Danny played for a faculty picnic for some ASU staff (thanks to Mrs. Fink for making that happen) and got some great food in the process. Friday night we jammed out at the Appalachian Mountain Brewery with Dr. Bacon, a hometown band out in Boonetown who we met at one of our shows a few months ago. They’ve got some great music out that you should check out if you like our stuff, they’re an awesome group of guys as well. The crowd was fantastic; the brewery had a garage door that was up and people were overflowed out into the parking lot talkin, drinkin, and havin’ a good ole time.

As it turns out the Boonies loved us! We had a blast playing up in the mountains and we will certainly be back after our brief summer hiatus. Maybe we’re a Boonetown band at heart...

Rock N Roll Marathon

We had a great time playing for the Rock N’ Roll marathon in Raleigh today. We saw over 12,500 runners on their way to the finish line from our stage at mile 4. We were also voted best band by the Triangle Explorer! He runs a great blog about all the cool things going on in the area.

Congrats to all the runners!

Nice picture of us jammin’ out taken by the explorer himself, John Huisman.

Rock N' Roll Marathon

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