Ellis Dyson & the Shambles

Shakori and Streaming the Shambles

We've been stayin busy lately everybody, writing new music, (some of you may have heard our newest tune "Hen House" last night at Shakori's dance tent) and playing shows here and there. The dance tent was poppin' last night!! It's always great to see a tent-ful of people getting down to some Shambles tunes. If you're at Shakori Hills this weekend, keep on the lookout for Ellis, Danny, Matt, and Jonathan; we'll be out there all weekend listening to music and causing a ruckus. Next weekend we'll be playing at Carolina Jubilee down in Harmony, NC.

In other news, Ellis Dyson & the Shambles are now on all your favorite streaming services and music providers! Check out our music on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify!

Sold Out Album Release

Sold Out Album Release

Goodness gracious everybody, are we feelin' the love or what?! Tickets to the Ellis Dyson & the Shambles Album release show sold out before doors ever opened, a first for us and it's all thanks to you. It's fans like y'all that got us to where we are now, made the album possible at all, and it's you all who keep us going; a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us, spread the word about our music, or been there in any other way over the last two years. To everyone who couldn't get in that night, you know we'd have loved to have ya there with us!

Albums are now up for sale, (obviously), and we've also got a rad digital album on a bottle opener USB! So not only can you listen to the album and crack open a cold one, but it also features lots of special and unseen Shambles content including photos, videos, and the high-quality WAV files for the album as well. In addition, we've got some new merch for you all to purchase over in our redone store, so go check it all out.

We're looking forward to hitting the road over the next couple months, hitting Raleigh, Wilmington, and Asheville in September, and then bouncing around between festivals throughout October. Check out the shows page to stay current on where to catch us around the state!


Ladies and Gentleman, it is on this day the 18th of July in the year 2015 that we so gratefully and humbly announce for your pleasure and general awareness the album release show and PRESALE for our debut, full-length record to be released August 29th!

This one is for the Shambles elite, the newbies, the swingers and singers, our closest friends and family, all those that have helped us to get here, all those who will continue to help keep this train rollin', and all of those in between. To buy tickets to our album release show on August 29th at Local 506, click here

To pre-order the record and have it at delivered to your doorstep just days after it's release, AND to preview one of the tracks from the record, head on over to the music page.We will release more details as the release draws nearer, but in the meantime enjoy the preview and place your orders! We made a record folks!

Shots for the Shambles

Shot Glasses are here people and they are ready to party! Grab your Ellis Dyson & the Shambles shot glass now at any of our shows, and online in just a few days! Featuring the goat logo or our famous phrase, men trinkte mashke, now you can become the life of the party by teaching your friends some yiddish. Best part is that they're only $5! Be on the lookout for their online debut, or come out to our album release show at the Local 506 next month to grab one for yourself.
Also be on the lookout that we've got some more great merch items coming real soon, including a much requested one, posters. We've got a great artist on it, (one you'd certainly recognize), and are excited to bring them to you soon as well. We hope your summer is going well and are looking forward to some awesome shows over the next few months.

Shambles Live Vol. 1

Just in case you guys missed it, a few months back we compiled a little live album of some of the most fun run-throughs of a few of our songs. Need some tunes to keep you tied over until you can see us live again? Need some front-porch music? Or perhaps you’re just craving some of Ellis’ banjo-pickin’. Regardless of the reason, you can stream our live album on Soundcloud or right here from the site.

Not to worry about waiting too long about live shows either folks. June 13th is the all-day party for the grand opening of YesterYears Brewery next to Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro! It’s going to be a great time, with 5 live bands playing. More details on that here.

We’ve also got some more summer shows in the works, and an August 29th date set for our big album release show!! You won’t want to miss this one, we’re going to be bringing down the Local 506 like you’ve never seen it done before. So you’ve got lots to look forward to, despite the shows being a bit more spaced out while we have members of the band all over the country for a couple months. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on our YouTube channel as well, we have some great content over there that we’re always adding to, that we may not be putting up anywhere else.

Freaky Friday

Hey there folks, if you haven’t come out and seen a Shambles show in a while (or even if you have), this Friday is going to be one for the books! We’re going to be bringing down the Local 506 with our friends from the Dirty Bourbon River Show once again, and we can assure you only one thing: it is going to be WILD. They’ve got an entire new album’s worth of new songs to impress you with, and the Shambles have even got a new one in the works that you’ll get to hear for the first time on Friday night! So go check out Important Things Humans Should Know, and start mentally preparing yourselves for the epic musical evening to come!

Additionally, if you’re free on Thursday afternoon, come out to the Center for the Study of the American South (Love House) here in Chapel Hill for a nice front-porch style show on the lawn. Be sure to grab your chairs and blankets for a nice afternoon of tunes.

More details on the shows here, hope to see you there!



Well, as y’all may or may not have heard, we’ve been in the beautiful BunkerSound Studios since last Saturday, picking, strumming, fiddling, and playing for our first album! Working with Steven there has been an absolute pleasure, and we’re psyched about how things are sounding. We are really looking forward to (finally) bringing our music in a finished product to everyone. We do not yet have a release date, but it won’t be too long now, so be patient. It’ll be worth the wait, we promise. To tide you over, we’ve got a couple shows coming up, including a big time show at The Pourhouse in Raleigh that we want to be packed! This is one of Ellis’ favorite venues, so let’s make it a big one.

We put up a few pictures from the recording process on our Google+ page that you can check out as well.


Shambles Rock the Cradle Backroom

Well people, we owe you a huge thanks for giving us our first SOLD OUT show! We sold out the Cats Cradle backroom on Saturday night and goodness gracious it was a good time. Thanks to everyone who came out and partied with us, Magnolia Collective, and Pinkerton Raid. It was one of our favorite shows we’ve done in a while. We also handed back the reigns to bassist Ford Garrard who had been galavanting in Copenhagen for the last semester. We bid our good friend Adam Maloney a temporary goodbye with our deepest gratitude for his playing with us the last few months.


As far as news goes, we’ve got free shows coming up this Thursday at Tir Na Nog in Raleigh where we’ll be playing in Local Bands Local Beer once again, as well as a gig at Second Wind in Carrboro on Saturday night.

On another note, we will be slaving away in the studio for the first couple weeks of February! Ellis Dyson & the Shambles are pleased to announce that we are officially going to be cutting an album that we hope to bring to you in the late Spring. So, while you’re at home sulking about the lack of shows for the next few weeks, keep in mind that in a little while you can have your very own CD to listen to whenever your heart desires. This means also that now more than ever we will need our fans’ support. For now, that means buying our shirts and donating on Bandcamp for downloads of our EP Whiskey Business, but there will probably be more opportunities for support coming soon so keep an eye out!

Hope to see y’all this week!