Skyscrapers to Sandcastles: We're Coming to a Town Near You!

Hey Shambles family. We're back from Shakori and we've just about scrubbed away all of the mud. We had a mighty fine time serving up songs old and new during our two sets in the dance tent. They took a chance on us when we were just starting out so it's an honor to have played at our 4th Shakori. Everyone's favorite trumpeter, Matt Hall, had a proper retirement party that only Shakori could provide. His legacy will be felt and it's certainly not the last you'll see of him. We're excited to announce that his shoes will be filled by San Francisco native Danny Grewen on trombone. Welcome to the family Danny!

This week will be quite different from a camping festival in the woods. That's right, we're heading North through a couple of urban jungles. Our first stop is in Baltimore, which is the current home of founding fiddler Ledah Finck. She'll be joining us for this special run of shows. We will be playing a house show on Wednesday and on Thursday 5/11 we will be at the Four Hour Day Lutherie with The Witches, Ledah's musical duo. Next stop is a little slice of New Orleans in Winchester, VA of all places. We'll be swinging and crooning for a 6-8pm dinner set on Friday 5/12 at Sweet Nola's. We hear it's one of the finest Cajun kitchens around and we can't wait to finish up the set and have a meal of our own. The next morning, well rested and fed, we head up to the wildest urban jungle of them all, New York City! Our fourth show in NYC brings us back to Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) on the Lower East Side. This time will be bigger and better than ever. Chapel Hill native and local favorite Matt Phillips ( will be opening up the show with a bluesy and heartfelt solo electric set, followed by an hour plus of Shambles! Spread the good word if you have any friends or family in any of these places. We always love to make new friends.