From Hibernation to Tours of the Nation

Springtime is fast approaching, and the sleepy winter months can only push the snooze button a few more times. As the most ambitious flowers begin to bud, the good people here at Shambles Headquarters are ready to get back out on the road! It has been a winter full of rehearsing and songwriting and we can't wait to get back out in the world.

The party starts in Durham, NC on Friday, March 2nd at Motorco Music Hall. We will be joined by the full throttled force of the Boom Unit Brass Band. This is a night of horns and surprises that you won't soon forget. Click here for tickets.

A vintage 2014 photo of our first performance at Motorco.

A vintage 2014 photo of our first performance at Motorco.

March rolls on with a visit to Asheville, NC on Saturday, March 10 at Isis Music Hall. This intimate dinner set will pair well with any meal. Tickets are moving and space is limited, so grab your spot at this link.

On the other side of that coin is our sixth (6!) trip to New York City on Friday, March 16 at the Mercury Lounge. We will be joined by brassy circus purveyors Bella's Bartok for this raucous affair. There is something about the energy in New York that tends to bring out the magic. Don't miss out on what experts are predicting will be a sold out show. Mark those calendars, make $12 available and get a ticket while they're hot!



The festivities continue in Charlotte, NC on Friday, March 23 at the Evening Muse. After some wild rides at NODA Brewery, we are excited to bring our show to the stage for the fine people of Charlotte. Tickets can be found at this link and we hope that you can be found at the show!

Stay tuned for festival and show announcements for the Spring and beyond. We're adding to our calendar every day and we're looking forward to coming to a city near you.