Hoi Toiders

We're playing in Beaufort tonight out in the Outer Banks. The town is about a 30 minute drive, but less than 10 miles as the crow flies, from Harker's Island. Harker's is known for a dialect specific to this island and the areas immediately around it, this dialect is called "High Tider" or as it's pronounced in the dialect "Hoi Toider".

Skyscrapers to Sandcastles: We're Coming to a Town Near You!

Hey Shambles family. We're back from Shakori and we've just about scrubbed away all of the mud. We had a mighty fine time serving up songs old and new during our two sets in the dance tent. They took a chance on us when we were just starting out so it's an honor to have played at our 4th Shakori. Everyone's favorite trumpeter, Matt Hall, had a proper retirement party that only Shakori could provide. His legacy will be felt and it's certainly not the last you'll see of him. We're excited to announce that his shoes will be filled by San Francisco native Danny Grewen on trombone. Welcome to the family Danny!

5 Albums I'll Never Stop Spinning - Danny

March 10, 2017

There are plenty of exciting happenings brewing here at Shambles headquarters. We’ll get to those soon. Today I want to share five albums from throughout my life that have made a major impact on my love of music. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite album. I tried to pick some that go beyond the obvious (I love the Beatles and I assume you do too). We would love to hear from you about some of your favorites too, so reach out on Facebook if you’d like! In no particular order, here are five albums that really “do it” for me.

Studio Time

January 22, 2017

Hey everybody! After a short break for the holidays, we made a new home for ourselves in the Rubber Room recording studio in Chapel Hill. We instantly felt the history of the space, a studio which has seen many of our favorite artists. North Carolina favorites from Carolina Chocolate Drops to Mipso and Mandolin Orange have all recorded in the same room. Jerry Brown of the Rubber Room ran the sessions alongside the Wolfman himself, Noah Adams of New Orleans’ Dirty Bourbon River Show. Their combined experience and a fresh batch of Shambles songs made for a very exciting mix. 

The Shambles Return to New York

December 10, 2016

As winter starts to roll in, we have made the logical decision to trudge up into the great northern tundra. That’s right, we are returning yet again to New York City for the biggest one yet. Join us at "Rockwood Music Hall" on the Lower East Side (while tickets last) on Saturday, December 17th at 7:45 PM. We love nothing more than seeing familiar Carolina faces alongside New York natives. And once the show ends, the after-party begins. We will be schmoozing in the bar at Rockwood where fans can enjoy $2 off drinks. Don’t miss this chance to see some world premiers of our newest tunes. Be sure to snag your tickets here soon, as they're nearly sold out!

A Letter from the Rooster's Nest

November 11, 2016

Rarely do I take time to stop and reflect, to turn inward and evaluate what makes me myself. We’re busy, all of us are. So busy that we wear our workload like skin and our happiness like the embarrassing sweater that grandma knit. It’s easier that way, only because it’s damn hard to be happy. Today, two things happened that made me turn inward. Not just for a moment, but for hours.